See how comfortable Y is with you, this picture says it all.

Thank you again Sarah for the gift of you!  Every little thing you have done is with so much thought and warmth.  Your visit is like a warm hug, it calms me and makes me feel we can somehow do it.

You always make us feel like it’s a good day, regardless of what the present situation might be.  Whether it is good or not depends on how we frame it in our mind.  You help me to face the challenge, take a deep breath, and sigh ‘it is well’.

Our chats helped me to feel the permission to trust our own judgements more, to not be restricted by other’s experiences and advice from the ‘experts’.

One of the best gifts you’ve given me is the encouragement to trust myself.  At times I feel that that ability has been taken away by so many other voices and narrative of fear.  But your voice has been so empowering, so understanding, so affirming.  Sometimes when people say I’m doing well I don’t really believe them.  But I believe you, because you’ve seen me and heard me, and I can feel your honesty.  I shall hopefully live on with this trust in the days and months and years ahead.

Bonny, August-November 2021

You came at the time when we needed it most.  You helped us to see some light in the tunnel.  I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, but it was still difficult.  Having your support allowed me to feel like I could start getting a routine back.  Your knowledge, experiences, and being understanding was excellent.  Whenever you were here I just felt so at ease to get on with other things I needed to get done for the day.  It feels more like a family than a client relationship.

Calvin, November 2021

We will always treasure the memories of having you here, you weave so beautifully into the fabric of our daily life.

Bonny & Calvin, August-November 2021


I believe planning and preparing for the postpartum is the best investment parents can make in their transition into parenthood.  

Please do get in touch to book a zoom chat – approx 45 minutes.

We can enjoy a cup of tea together and you can find out more about how you can feel good in your postpartum.