The Value of the Virtual Doulahow I helped recent clients Mel & David, London

What did you find most valuable about the prenatal session?

Feeling heard and listened to.  The support in the prenatal sessions was invaluable and gave us both a space where we could express our concerns, ask questions, and feel supported.  

What did you find most valuable about the postpartum sessions?

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, we were feeling particularly isolated in the weeks after the birth.  You helped us to feel reassured and supported, which felt so important during such an uncertain time.

Did Dad find the sessions helpful?

Having a space for both of us felt particularly important allowing D to express his feelings as well as mine.  

How did you both feel after the sessions?

We felt like we had been inspired to think about aspects of the birth experience that maybe we had not considered, such as making time for ourselves, being prepared with important phone numbers and identifying which people make up our virtual support network.

Do you feel, even though it was through zoom & email, that you were supported?

Yes.  I feel that the level of support was consistent, thorough, considerate, and thoughtful.  I felt that that you were incredibly conscientious in sending us through additional information and I felt very nurtured and held in mind throughout the process.

Is there anything in particular you didn’t like or perhaps anything you would have preferred was different?

Maybe some more specific guidance for dads and where they can find support for their individual experience of becoming fathers.  The focus on the mother’s experience was exceptional, detailed and incredibly helpful and thoughtful.

Would you recommend a virtual doula package to other parents?

Definitely.  Your commitment and thoughtfulness shone through and made us feel warmly supported, reassured, and cared for during a particularly challenging time.  The virtual nature of the process did not diminish it at all as you adapted to include massage and reflexology demonstrations, and provided so much additional support via email, WhatsApp and video.

If so, what would you say to them is the best thing about it?

The personal experience which you work hard to deliver.  I felt you went above and beyond the sessions, offering extra support when needed. The gift through the post really touched us both.  You listened with warmth, empathy and understanding and guided us clearly and conscientiously.  We are very grateful for the support as it helped us during a very tricky time of the pandemic and lockdown.

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