I highly recommend Sarah! It’s always such a friendly and enjoyable experience and I always leave feeling so relaxed. I’ve been visiting Sarah for over a year now for tinnitus and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she’s given me – I’ve found it soo effective at calming my nerves and calming my mind which in turn has really helped me with my ears!


August 2019

I have been seeing Sarah for a few years now and wholeheartedly recommend her services. Sarah is kind, friendly and hugely knowledgeable about her subject.  I originally sought her out to help with back and neck pain as well as general stress relief and the reflexology helped noticeably. Sarah’s help, support, advice and care really shone through when I was diagnosed with fibroids at the start of last year though. She’s recommended colleagues, books, diets etc in addition to providing targeted reflexology and showing me what to do to give relief between sessions. 


January 2019

Sarah is absolutely brilliant. I went to her knowing nothing about reflexology, having been recommended to try it by a friend, and Sarah made me feel so welcome and helped me to understand how reflexology works. She is happy to answer any questions through the session and recommends other colleagues who would be able to help and support me with various issues. Sarah puts a huge amount of effort into each session, and between visits she does extra research to make sure I get the best treatment.


November 2018

I just wanted to let you know that the reflexology worked wonders. I went home after our session and went to bed and ended up going into labour at 3am that morning so 6 hours after the reflexology. It was a brilliant time to go into labour too as I felt so happy and relaxed from the reflexology, I think it put me in a good place for the start of birth.  Just wanted to say thank you so much for the session and I will definitely be back for some more reflexology in the future.


December 2014

I had reflexology treatments with Sarah from conception to the end of my pregnancy. I fell pregnant within a month of having treatments and felt the benefit of them immediately, they helped me relax and feel in tune with my body.  Having suffered with Post Natal Depression after having my first child, I feel that the reflexology helped me to effectively cope with coming off medication and deal with anxiety naturally. As my pregnancy progressed the treatments continued to benefit my wellbeing and overcome stress.


October 2013

I saw Sarah during my 3rd pregnancy for sinus congestion. I always slept really deeply after the sessions and my sinuses opened up and I could breath. Sarah is a very caring, calming and reassuring practitioner and I have recommended her to many people. She created a very relaxing and safe atmosphere. I always looked forward to my treatments. She is brilliant. Big thanks to Sarah.


February 2013

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Whether you’re an employee needing a break or an employer looking to increase your staff wellbeing, I have now launched #Take20for20. Maybe you want to step out of the office to enjoy a nourishing lunchtime and return to work feeling focused? Or you could head over after work to create some calm after your busy day.  Alternatively, I can visit your office to bring the wellbeing to you as an individual or for a whole group.

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March was going to be a busy time with The Parent and Baby Show and the first monthly Mummy Chillout at Rabbit on the 25th and the beginning of the Free Postpartum Education Workshops. However, in light of the current Covid-19 and government guidelines, these have had to be postponed. They will be held monthly once our live spaces are open again. You can keep an eye on all the events I will be attending and hosting this year on my new events page, where you can find full information about my feel-good events and how to book.

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