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My reflexology sessions with Sarah have been a real treat and a good investment in myself. I can totally relax and I find that quite difficult usually due to a stressful job and a full on life. I’m sure that it is having a beneficial effect on my health and well-being. Thoroughly recommend it.


March 2022

Reflexology appointments have been one of the best decisions I have made to attend. The atmosphere is calming and Sarah puts you at ease. I have definitely felt an improvement in my well-being. I have been sleeping far better and my whole body seems more relaxed. Reflexology gives you an hour to relax and remove yourself from the daily stresses that we are confronted with. When you walk out the door you are totally calm and chilled. It’s a good feeling and I would recommend to anyone to give it a try.


March 2022

Sarah’s reflexology is a delight. I am very choosy with my therapists (I am a therapist myself) and I found her to be a great communicator with a lovely workspace and a tangibly dedicated work ethic. Her treatment is gentle yet deeply effective – my menstrual cycle is notoriously irregular and after one session it seemed to click back into sync.  I find it hard to down-regulate my nervous system at the best of times,  but even in my first session with Sarah I relaxed and felt at ease straight away. Her work is a resource for me and I have already recommended her to my own clients and my family.


January 2022

Every little thing you have done is with so much thought and warmth.  Your visit is like a warm hug, it calms me and makes me feel we can somehow do it.  You always make us feel like it’s a good day, regardless of what the present situation might be.  Whether it is good or not depends on how we frame it in our mind.  You help me to face the challenge, take a deep breath, and sigh ‘it is well…..

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November 2021

You came at the time when we needed it most.  You helped us to see some light in the tunnel.  I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, but it was still difficult.  Having your support allowed me to feel like I could start getting a routine back.  Your knowledge, experiences, and being understanding was excellent.  Whenever you were here I just felt so at ease to get on with other things I needed to get done for the day.  It feels more like a family than a client relationship.

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November 2021

Everyone should have a Sarah.  Having Sarah as our postpartum doula held our family together. It sounds extreme, but it honestly feels true.  From the prenatal planning sessions to the at home reflexology treatments and everything in between, it was like having a personal angel…..

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June 2021

I joined the Feel Good Postpartum virtual support group in the run up to the birth of my 2nd child, I got so much inspiration from these sessions and during lockdown it was a real life line. I also received the most glorious and nourishing  home visit from Sarah with a Reflexology treatment that made me more relaxed than I’d been through the whole of my pregnancy! (and with my toddler watching cartoons by my side!) I highly recommend her treatments, Sarah is very gifted with her touch and to great benefit. Sarah is also incredibly passionate in her pastoral work supporting mothers pre and postpartum and I can’t tell you what a difference this support makes!

Charlotte - Norfolk

September 2020

Sarah has been a wonderful doula, guiding and emotionally supporting me throughout my journey into motherhood. Every aspect of support was so thoughtful and perfect for every time I needed a pick-me-up.  Her advice on building my ‘village’ empowered me to ask for help from family and friends when I may not have otherwise. I was able to plan in advance and ensure I had a personalised support system for when my baby arrived.  Sarah has an incredible energy and the ability to allow women to feel emotionally held during a very vulnerable time.  She is knowledgeable and experienced in supporting women and helped me make informed decisions that were right for me.  She made a huge impact on my experience of becoming a mother which I am very thankful for.

Katie - London

August 2020

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, we were feeling particularly isolated in the weeks after the birth.  Sarah helped us to feel reassured and supported, which felt so important during such an uncertain time.  The level of support was consistent, thorough, considerate, and thoughtful.  Sarah was incredibly conscientious in sending us through additional information and I felt very nurtured and held in mind throughout the process.  Sarah’s commitment and thoughtfulness shone through and made us feel warmly supported, reassured, and cared for during a particularly challenging time. 

Mel & David - London

July 2020

I highly recommend Sarah! It’s always such a friendly and enjoyable experience and I always leave feeling so relaxed. I’ve been visiting Sarah for over a year now for tinnitus and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she’s given me – I’ve found it soo effective at calming my nerves and calming my mind which in turn has really helped me with my ears!


August 2019

I have been seeing Sarah for a few years now and wholeheartedly recommend her services. Sarah is kind, friendly and hugely knowledgeable about her subject.  I originally sought her out to help with back and neck pain as well as general stress relief and the reflexology helped noticeably. Sarah’s help, support, advice and care really shone through when I was diagnosed with fibroids at the start of last year though. She’s recommended colleagues, books, diets etc in addition to providing targeted reflexology and showing me what to do to give relief between sessions. 


January 2019

Sarah is absolutely brilliant. I went to her knowing nothing about reflexology, having been recommended to try it by a friend, and Sarah made me feel so welcome and helped me to understand how reflexology works. She is happy to answer any questions through the session and recommends other colleagues who would be able to help and support me with various issues. Sarah puts a huge amount of effort into each session, and between visits she does extra research to make sure I get the best treatment.


November 2018

I just wanted to let you know that the reflexology worked wonders. I went home after our session and went to bed and ended up going into labour at 3am that morning so 6 hours after the reflexology. It was a brilliant time to go into labour too as I felt so happy and relaxed from the reflexology, I think it put me in a good place for the start of birth.  Just wanted to say thank you so much for the session and I will definitely be back for some more reflexology in the future.


December 2014

I had reflexology treatments with Sarah from conception to the end of my pregnancy. I fell pregnant within a month of having treatments and felt the benefit of them immediately, they helped me relax and feel in tune with my body.  Having suffered with Post Natal Depression after having my first child, I feel that the reflexology helped me to effectively cope with coming off medication and deal with anxiety naturally. As my pregnancy progressed the treatments continued to benefit my wellbeing and overcome stress.


October 2013

I saw Sarah during my 3rd pregnancy for sinus congestion. I always slept really deeply after the sessions and my sinuses opened up and I could breath. Sarah is a very caring, calming and reassuring practitioner and I have recommended her to many people. She created a very relaxing and safe atmosphere. I always looked forward to my treatments. She is brilliant. Big thanks to Sarah.


February 2013

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General Benefits of Reflexology

– Induce deep relaxation and reduce stress
– Cleanse the body of impurities
– Revitalise energy
– Improve the circulation of the blood & lymph fluids
– Promote efficient functioning of the bodily systems
– Boost Immunity
– Improve your sleep
– Relieve aches & pains

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