Encourage your employees to #Take20for20.

A healthy, productive & happy workplace – sound good?

Taking 20 minutes in 2020 as regular as your budget sees possible, can not only help your employees, it can also bring long term financial benefits to your Business.

Having worked within stressful office environments, I understand and appreciate how tension can build up and how this can affect our work and others around us.  I am therefore introducing my treatments into Norwich and Norfolk offices to improve the health and well-being of the employees which in turn gives a real boost to the whole work environment.

The two Feel Good at Work therapies I offer, which are both suitable for the workplace, are Upper Back & Head Massage and Foot / Hand Reflexology. 

“The most successful organisations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial and competitive advantage.”  – Tom Rath – Gallup

Your company and working culture can thrive with healthier, happier and more productive employees.  Encourage your staff to come to my city centre space to enjoy a nourishing lunchtime, returning to work feeling focused or head over at the end of the day to create calm vibes for the evening.

My city centre space can also be booked out for a designated wellbeing day.  Individuals or groups can step out of the workspace to embrace the full experience of disconnecting a moment from work and connecting to what your mind and body needs.

Alternatively, we can arrange for me to visit your office weekly, fortnightly or monthly to maintain your staff well-being or you may like to just arrange a one-off well-being booster. I can also offer a brief talk to explain what I do and discuss general wellbeing at work, along with some nice self-help hand Reflexology techniques.

Contact me today to discuss your needs, and get your Feel Good at Work session booked in the diary.