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60 Minute Online Session

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The way we work has changed, and for most of us, not for the better. We are spending less time having face-to-face interactions with colleagues and friends, and more time at our computers. More time alone, and less time in our communities.

Going into 2021 with many businesses still working from home your team’s morale is no doubt lower than it usually would be.  Therefore, I have created a ‘Feel Good at Work’ presentation that I would love to offer to you and your team.

Suitable for: small and large groups

60 minute session Includes:

  • When stress is good
  • When stress is bad
  • How to engage the calm and connected system
  • What is oxytocin and why do we need to boost it?
  • A mind map activity to identify what makes your staff feel good
  • The importance of the vagus nerve
  • How to improve vagal tone
  • What is Reflexology?
  • A hand reflexology demo with a chart they can keep
  • The importance of drinking water
  • How to improve sleep

The aim is that by the end of the session your employees will feel more connected with themselves and their fellow colleagues.  They will have a better understanding of how to support their nervous system to manage their stress levels and how they can create their own Feel Good tool kit to boost their general wellbeing so that, on the whole, they become a happier, healthier, and more productive team.

Your staff will all receive FGT treatments at a special rate throughout 2021 to keep their wellbeing finely tuned.

Beforehand I will email some questions to find out more about your company’s culture, the number of staff you have, and any more specific wellbeing needs you would like me to focus on.

You can read more about how my Feel Good at Work Sessions benefit employers here.


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