Invest in yourself

It is so important in this fast-paced world that we now live that we take a moment to invest in ourselves, that we pause, listen and connect with what our minds and bodies need.  My aim is to give you the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved feel good therapy time by making it as affordable and flexible as possible.

The FGT bundles can be used as a pick and mix towards the type of feel good time that suits you best.  Whether you want a shorter you-time 20 minute hit or an indulging 90 minutes, whether you want a relaxing reflexology session in the city or perhaps a postpartum care home visit, we can work around your schedule to ensure you have time to be kind to yourself and feel good.   

Gift Vouchers are available, which are a present always greatly received.

Some private medical insurances do cover Reflexology, check your individual policy details to see if the cost of your treatment(s) can be covered. 


Feel Good Latest

Feel Good Gifts

You can purchase gift vouchers or gift boxes for your loved ones which I will send in the post or deliver myself to their door.  There is no expiry date on the voucher, so they can cash this in for a relaxing treatment once my therapy room is open again. The gift boxes include local products promoting all things feel good tailored to them. Alternatively, they can explore the online options available now.

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Feel Good Online

Within the current Covid-19 climate I have created online opportunities.  Find out more about my Baby Reflex for Parents Workshops, Virtual Postnatal Care & Support Package, Feel Good at Work Sessions and FREE Postpartum Education Workshops.

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