We asked our November group to offer their thoughts on the workshops…..

My favourite reflexology treatment was the treatment to help with sleep- as this is the biggest issue in our house! We have incorporated a treatment into our bedtime routine, and it seems to be having an impact. 

I really liked hearing about aromatherapy from Lynn- this is something I have a growing interest in, and it was great to find out about some of the blends to put into the diffuser, as well as how to use oils topically.

The week on sleep was so valuable! We’ve been using lavender in the diffuser before bed and a short Reflexology treatment, and it’s a lovely way to end the day.

Learning online I still felt connected to what was being taught. I think it did have its benefits- for example, through zoom, it didn’t matter so much if my toddler was napping upstairs or wandering round the house.

It is a lovely way to connect with your child and provides some alternative solutions to common issues that many parents and babies have.

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