Be Nurtured & Feel Good Mamas – nourishing mornings for both pregnant and postnatal mums

Claire of Mama Massage and I have collaborated & created a morning focused on nourishing, nurturing, supporting, and caring for mothers.

With our combined knowledge of traditional postpartum care, reflexology, and massage, we are offering one morning a month, set in the wonderfully accessible and calming space of the Hethersett Pavilion, where pregnant mums and mums with babies, newborn to crawling, can connect with other mothers, whilst enjoying a hot drink and biscuits.

You will receive a relaxing and energising 15 minute massage or reflexology treatment, or a reviving facial from our support practitioner Sarah Godwin.  Your baby can be with you in your arms / pram / car seat / on a blanket next to you or watched over by a friend / another mother.

We want you to discover how you can be supported and cared for during this precious time and so, as well as chatting to you ourselves, we will be inviting a guest practitioner, who also specialises in supporting mothers and their babies, to each session.

It will be a wonderful way for you to begin building your village, which is essential for you to feel good postpartum.

Our Guests

19th April: Haley Glennie-Smith Singing Mamas Norwich

17th May: Physiotherapist Rosie Moore – Well Fit Mumma

21st June: TBC

19th July: TBC 

Be Nurtured & Feel Good Mamas - our new support practitioner
Be Nurtured & Feel Good Mamas - our new support practitioner

Please select your preferred date on the booking page. 

Nourishing mornings for both pregnant and postnatal mums

Venue: Hethersett Pavilion, Memorial Park, NR9 3EN

When: 3rd Friday of every month 

 Time: 10am – 12pm


This event is partly funded by The National Lottery so that all mothers can access this service.

Standard tickets, for those who can afford it, are reduced from £25 to £20. We are then able to offer 5 tickets for FREE.  These all include entry, hot drink and biscuits, plus a relaxing treatment.

– For the treatment you can choose either a relaxing 15 minute massage, reflexology treatment or facial.

– Your baby can be with you in your arms/pram /car seat/on a blanket next to you or watched over by a friend /another mother. 

We also have 5 tickets available at £7.50 which includes entry, hot drink and biscuit but no treatment.

 – Please select your preferred ticket option, date and treatment on the booking page.  You can register for a free ticket here.

Baby Reflexologist Norwich Norfolk

The whole event was fantastic. So lovely to meet new people and chat babies and postpartum. The Yoga Tree is a hidden gem I knew nothing about, I’ll definitely be going there for coffee again soon.  My reflexology treatment was wonderful. It was incredibly relaxing and really made me feel cared for, rejuvenated, and special.

AJ, 7 weeks postpartum

It was lovely meeting like minded mums, as well as chatting to an expert about slings.  The treatment was exactly what I needed, I felt relaxed and nourished afterwards.  Can’t wait to come again!

Louise, 10 months postpartum

I had such a gorgeous time and definitely felt like I’d been given a big hug! The facial was really lovely as is the Yoga Tree – it was my first visit!

I feel it really attracts a lovely group of mamas – such a welcoming atmosphere.


Helen, 7 months postpartum

This morning gave me the right energy to get on with the rest of the day with a relaxed smile on my face, thank you so much!