The phone rang, it was Charlotte.  The Reflexologist of NNFP was moving to London so she and Kate wanted to know if I’d like to join the team.  Would I? Cor blimey yes please!! What an opportunity. Having always worked independently alone in my treatment room at home, to now be a part of a team working in a clinic setting felt fantastic.  Plus, it is important to add, not just any team. Charlotte and Kate have built NNFP into the most prestigious fertility and women’s health focused complementary health care support Norwich has to offer.  Working alongside these two in the last 4 years has been inspirational, not to mention educational with their years of experience and knowledge in this field.

Since qualifying in Reflexology in 2009 and then having my first born in 2010, I have always been very passionate about working with mummies and babies.  Supporting women in their journey to becoming mothers is just magical work. It is a hugely emotional time. It is exciting, it is scary; it can be overwhelming.  Reflexology offers the emotional support needed as well as helping to ease any physical discomforts such as back or pelvic pain, heart burn or sickness.

When I joined NNFP in 2014 I was able, alongside the work Charlotte and Kate were already doing, to offer relaxing treatments to clients experiencing issues with natural conception, during IVF and also then in early stages of pregnancy.

I wanted to ensure I knew as much as I could to support our clients and so did further training obtaining my diploma in reproductive reflexology with Barbara Scott.  I learnt how to support the body more specifically, offering hormonal balance to regulate the menstrual cycle, how to optimise the chances of conception approaching ovulation and how to balance and encourage implantation in the luteal phase.  I learnt how to work with various menstrual conditions such endometriosis, PCOS and amenorrhea. I learnt how to work alongside IVF and to complement the drug cycle. The subject of fertility and all its surrounding issues is incredibly extensive though and so my learning will always continue.

Working with clients who are going through one of the toughest journeys is definitely challenging at times but incredibly rewarding. I saw one of my first clients in 2014 when she was already beginning her fourth round of IVF.  Having struggled with the first round failing, an ectopic pregnancy on round two and then suffering a pelvic inflammatory disorder in the third, she had already been through an extremely tough time.  She had 5 reflexology sessions with me where I looked to support each stage of the IVF cycle. She had a positive pregnancy test. Tragically though she lost the baby at 25 weeks. The grief of such a loss is hugely heart-breaking.  Like an absolute warrior and with incredible strength she continued her journey to become a mother. She had to process the disappointment of the fifth IVF round failing as well and on the sixth round she developed OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).  A few months later, after their seventh and final round, they were successful.

She continued Reflexology throughout her pregnancy for emotional support at this understandably anxious time.  Their baby girl was born in the Summer and a few weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting their home to meet her.  I gave both mum and baby a treatment, showing her techniques she could use herself to help with things like promoting sleep, relieving wind and constipation and easing colds and teething.  This postnatal visit always feels incredibly special and something I will be focusing on more now with my next stage of training in becoming a postpartum doula.

I feel honoured to be a part of the NNFP team.  A growing collective of absolutely amazing therapists whose passion, enthusiasm and knowledge is quite simply awesome.