During the cold months we can often feel bombarded by illnesses, our energy may dip considerably, we can feel low and irritable without the warmth of the sunshine.  With Covid-19 so prevalent it is even more important that we take steps towards supporting and strengthening our immune system, so it can function at its fullest and protect us from all the wintery bugs.

There are many ways that we can offer ourselves this boost in vitality and reflexology is one of them!  I wanted to give you some tips on how to keep well in winter with reflexology.

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that is applied by a reflexologist working on the feet or hands, providing stimulus to various points, the reflexes, that correspond to the relevant areas in the body.  During the treatment the practitioner will work holistically, covering the whole body, with particular focus & attention to the areas that require balancing, to encourage the body to do its own healing.  

As with all massage, reflexology generates heat in the body & improves circulation, which can warm up cold hands and feet, plus soothe achy muscles & joints.  

With the way the treatment encourages the body to release toxins it can reduce inflammation in the body, helping to ease conditions, such as arthritis, that can worsen at this time of year.

By stimulating the lymphoid reflexes, the lymphatic system can flow more efficiently & immunity is strengthened.  Also, with regular reflexology, sleep may be improved.  Research has shown that good quality sleep boosts the T Cells (white blood cells) in the body that fight off infection, so they are an essential part of the immune system.

Many people can experience some form of ‘winter blues’ at this time of year which can be due to less exposure to sunlight during the darker days.  Without the stimulus of the sun a significant part of the brain, called the hypothalamus, can stop functioning properly and this can cause an increase of melatonin (the hormone which makes us feel sleepy) and a decrease of serotonin (the hormone which regulates mood, appetite & sleep).

Reflexology is a great way to work the endocrine (hormonal) system to stimulate & balance where needed.  It can be a fabulous energiser and mood enhancer, not only because of how we can work so intricately & inwardly with the body, encouraging & promoting its own healing capabilities, but also because it feels good!

When you do something that makes you feel good you get a hit of oxytocin and this brilliant hormone has a calming effect, reduces the stress hormone cortisol (which weakens our immunity), and naturally promotes better sleep, where most of our healing tends to happen. 

Doing the things that bring you peace and joy, that make you feel cosy and warm inside, will do wonderful things to create the protective armour on the outside to help keep you stronger this winter.

Pop me an email if you would like to know more about reflexology and how it can help to keep you feeling good or you can book your treatment here.