At our March ‘Be Nurtured & Feel Good Mamas’ session we will be joined by the brilliant Jenni Tribe.

Jenni loves empowering women to make peace with the past, find their passion and purpose, and then support them to create a life they want to live.

We live as good a life as we allow ourselves and Jenni helps reconnect you to feel who you really are, not who you think you are!

With 30 years background in nursing and midwifery she has always cared passionately about women’s health issues and how she can support new parents to enjoy all aspects of the journey to parenthood and beyond.



Jenni - March Guest

After several exhausting and debilitating personal experiences, struggling with pregnancy loss, hyperemesis, postnatal and perimenopausal related mental health issues and more recently, breast cancer, she strives to focus on the golden learning opportunities these presented her to find a better life balance and a more fulfilling outlook in her work. They are more threads to the colourful tapestry of our lives.

She is based in North Norfolk and runs transformation workshops, retreats, online support sessions as well as ceremonies and personal group activities for celebrating the glorious phases of women’s lives including blessing-ways (pregnancy), closing the bones (any time and especially lovely after birthing and pregnancy loss and perimenopause, bereavement, and divorce).

Jenni has trained in numerous modalities to facilitate her abilities to support you with energy psychology, Clinical hypnosis, EFT, Matrix and Birth Reimprinting, Timeline Therapy TM, NLP Coaching, and physical therapies including teaching maternity reflexology, and use of Rebozo and Closing the Bones. She loves sharing her vast wealth of relatable experience and diverse knowledge, so you can ask away!