You are feeling exhausted. 

Perhaps you’ve had a tiring week of work &/or children, perhaps you are feeling run down, perhaps you are on your period.

You need to rest but overwhelm is kicking in that you still have so much that needs doing.

This was me this weekend!

One of the many things on my ‘list’ was writing a blog – but my creativity was low, and I was struggling for ideas – so my partner suggested that this could be what I write about –

When you need to rest but you have a long list of things to do…. a few top tips of getting through!! 

I reached out to friends who are also wellbeing practitioners, Lou Kitchener of Yoga Happy & Leah Larwood of Meet the Moonlab, helped me gather my thoughts.

Because as a wellbeing practitioner I am continuously looking for a better way so that my days can feel easier, and my health be improved.

I then love sharing this with you!


Take a breath. Go for a walk.  Start asking questions.

Be aware of the amount you are using ‘I have to’, ‘I need to’ and ‘I should be’.  Where is this coming from?  Is it real?  Is it true?


Make a cup of tea, reflect & continue to ask questions – what on your list really does need doing today?  If it doesn’t get done, what would happen?


What can you delay? What can you cancel?  What can you let go of?  What can you delegate?

Choose the most important area and focus on that.  The rest can wait.

Consider doing just 1%

The long lists and large goals accomplished in as little time as possible often results in us feeling frustrated, burnt out, and like we might be failing.

Instead, we can adopt the wonderful Japanese philosophy of Kaizen – do just 1%.  Taking small, slow, steps in the direction that you need to go right now might not be as immediately noticeable, but it is incredibly meaningful, and in the long run achieves great things.

So, consider how just completing 1 thing from your to-do-list is enough today.

We can also apply this to rest.

How could you feel just a little bit rested? How can you improve your energy level by just 1%?  Perhaps you are tired, but you don’t feel like you have the time to invest in an afternoon nap, so instead could you lie down for 10 minutes?

Small choices don’t seem to make much of a difference at the time, but they add up and can be super powerful.

My sister shared this with me after a mindfulness class this week –

“Meditation is really very simple; it is the art of noticing our thoughts and making a choice.”

And isn’t that the most beautiful and wonderful realisation – we always have a choice.