Sarah has been a wonderful doula, guiding and emotionally supporting me throughout my journey into motherhood. Every aspect of support was so thoughtful and perfect for every time I needed a pick-me-up.  

The virtual support sessions helped me to connect with other mums. I was able to share concerns and to gain solidarity from other women going through similar experiences.

Sarah gave tailored reflexology exercises to use during pregnancy and postpartum which I found calming and grounding during stressful moments.  

Her advice on building my ‘village’ empowered me to ask for help from family and friends when I may not have otherwise. I was able to plan in advance and ensure I had a personalised support system for when my baby arrived. 

The postal well-being package was amazing – during a long night I have never felt more grateful for energy snacks and lip balm! She provided healthy and warming foods to nourish me in the days following labour, a gorgeous salt bath and a tailored aromatherapy blend. 

Another benefit was being linked in with additional sources of postpartum support, such as an excellent breastfeeding consultant I called upon due to tongue-tie issues we encountered.

Sarah has an incredible energy and the ability to allow women to feel emotionally held during a very vulnerable time. 

She is knowledgeable and experienced in supporting women and helped me make informed decisions that were right for me. 

She made a huge impact on my experience of becoming a mother which I am very thankful for. ❤️

Katie, London