Discover ‘How to Feel Good Postpartum’ a free educational workshop!


How are you feeling about your journey into motherhood?

For too many women motherhood can feel lonely, exhausting, and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
We plan so much for the massive event of the birth of our babies, but what then? 

  • What is the plan for after your little one arrives? 
  • Who is going to be your village to help you fully rest, recover, and heal, so that you can gently transition into motherhood?
  • How will you be supported whilst you focus on the full-time job of feeding and falling in love with your baby?

Having learnt with Julia Jones in her recognised Newborn Mothers Collective course, I am a certified Traditional Postpartum Care Practitioner, as well as a Maternity Reflexologist & Mother of two.

I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years with you – I wish I knew 14 years ago what I know now!!

This free online workshop is a lovely opportunity for parents-to-be to learn how best to plan and prepare for their peaceful, joyful, and confident postpartum.

We can arrange this as a 1:1 or as a small group, either way it will be a space for you to feel safe and supported.

My aim is for you to gain insight into what will be happening for you in the weeks following the birth of your baby, to understand the importance of you being nurtured and nourished, to discover how you can support yourself and how you can be supported at this precious and unique time.

Thanks again for an informative evening, appreciate the time and effort you put in!  We found it helpful to really focus on the postpartum period and have it reaffirmed in a clear way the importance of it. Great to have more context and validation for the need to really respect that time.

Nina & Charlie - 2022

The workshop was a great opportunity to have a conversation about how we want the time after birth to be. It was the first time we had this chat together as a couple.  Mothers often do a lot of the planning and prepping, but partners are not in the same head space. This gave my partner the chance to feel involved. It was the first time he felt included by a professional.  The workshop helped him recognise that this time is worth investing in.

Ruth & Jasper - 2022