In the 6 weekly Feel Good Postpartum Virtual Support Sessions I held in June and July, we connected as a group and identified how hard it was to be pregnant or with a new-born during a worldwide pandemic.  Amongst 6 mummies we created a safe space to chat, share, reassure and support.

I enjoyed teaching the group about baby brain, why it is awesome and how to protect it.  We looked at the importance of oxytocin and how to boost it, and discussed ways we can gather our village – both virtually and IRL.  We discovered that even in the uncertain times of Covid-19 it was still possible to feel cared for.

I spoke about how bringing our community in and ensuring we have the right social support in our postpartum is vital for our recovery so that we can step into Motherhood gently.  We acknowledged that with the current crisis this has been trickier, but it is still very achievable – we just need to think outside the box, ensuring that we ask for and accept help wherever possible.

By gathering the friends and family that we feel safe and at ease with, by communicating with them what we need, support can still be brought to our doorstep or via the magic of zoom.

There are many professionals who work in supporting Mothers physically, emotionally and mentally, and many now working online, which has been a big bonus to our clients as a result of us needing to find new ways of working.  We are now more accessible for families both locally, nationwide, even worldwide.

We looked at traditional postpartum methods and ways to implement these into a regular self-care practise to avoid overwhelm and exhaustion.  I highlighted how essential it is to our health and wellbeing as Mother’s to not only ensure this practise happens, but to believe that we deserve it!

Each week we were joined by a wonderful guest who specialises in supporting Mothers and their babies.  We learnt simple relaxation techniques and how to promote sleep, with Kerry Dolan, and Jackie Heffer-Cooke helped us feel calm and centred with a self-massage demo.  We discovered ways to create a more positive mindset and feel good about ourselves with Jenni Tribe.

Lynn Moseley taught us how to use aromatherapy effectively and with confidence in pregnancy, birth, and into the postpartum period.  The groups breastfeeding concerns and challenges were eased by Jan Edye of Breastfeeding Norfolk, and Emily Brightwood demonstrated how certain acupressure points can energise, balance hormones, and even help us feel less grumpy!

We shared some favourite resources, books, and recipes.  We bounced around ideas and we discovered the most important notion – we are not alone!

“I just wanted to tell you how much being part of this group has helped me in my postpartum journey and I absolutely love all the ladies involved ?  I wish we had something like this in my local area, as nearly every mum I encounter says the same – we have very little and need more support.” 

I am looking forward to starting the support sessions again in September.  Get in touch to join!