Fertility Reflexology

There are many reasons why conception may prove difficult to achieve.  Through Reflexology we can address both the physical and emotional issues that may be causing a problem and treat them accordingly. 

By encouraging the whole body to be in balance we can promote the reproductive system to function better and therefore improve the chance for natural conception. There are many areas of diet and lifestyle, a few tweaks here and there, that can make a huge difference.

It is also incredibly supportive throughout assisted conception, including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI, and may optimise chances of success.  

I trained with Seren Natural Fertility as a Reproductive Reflexologist in 2015 and have found this to be incredible work.  Ideally working with both partners, I look to support them through their conception journey, however that may end up looking like.  

The team at Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership can explore fertility with you at an even greater depth.  They will investigate what is happening for you in order to create a plan that works for your specific needs.  The team is complete with experienced practitioners who are very passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in this field.

The NNFP Logo below will take you to their website, where you can find out more about what they can offer.

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*You have the option to book Reflexology, Upper Back and Head Massage or a combination of both on my booking page.

How it may help…


  • Improve the circulation of the blood and lymph fluids

  • Promote efficient functioning of the bodily systems

  • Regulate menstrual cycles

  • Temperature charting support

  • Help awareness of cycle & ovulation

  • Address emotional blocks

  • Ease stress & anxiety

  • Build knowledge of how to optimise your chances

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“Sarah has supported me through our journey to conceiving not only through the treatment, but also by offering me so much support and fertility advice during the sessions. She never rushes a session and is always happy to listen and talk about the different stages of my cycle. The treatment itself sends me into total relaxation mode and she has the perfect balance of talking/quiet time. I can quite honestly say that my sessions with Sarah have kept me ‘sane’ during a difficult time.” 

Rebecca Bennett – NORFOLK