Postpartum Packages

Feel Good Postpartum Packages

With each package my aim is always to look at how I can support each individual family so that they can feel nourished, connected and cared for.

Every option includes a feel-good gift box tailored to the likes of each individual mum. The items will be focused on nourishment, keeping mum warm and the things that specifically make her feel good.

The home visits are 3-4 hours and will include a relaxing treatment and a nourishing meal.  The visit could also include basic baby care whilst mum has a shower, bath or nap or perhaps some simple house chores so the unfolded laundry or washing up isn’t causing stress. 

Our intention plan will be set upon my arrival so we can ensure the visit meets the needs of the mother on that day.  Having a non-judgmental listening ear in these early weeks is wonderfully beneficial.  To chat through the labour and birth experience is very much part of the healing.  Birth trauma is very real and can affect mothers deeply.  You will also receive access to my resource library, support network and be welcomed into a community of mothers.

Welcome Home Package



This is a great gift to buy yourself or for friends who are expecting.  It can also be something to give parents of older children a lovely boost.  Even years on we should consider our postpartum care and wellbeing.

First Steps Package



Giving you love and support as you step gently into parenthood, this package includes a 45-minute prenatal consultation where we will create your postpartum plan and look at ways of building your village. 

Leading up to the due period of your baby’s arrival we will arrange some priming for labour sessions to get you feeling ready physically, emotionally and mentally.  Not only does Reflexology help to get you into a space where you feel relaxed and safe to give birth to your baby, but we will talk about anything that may be concerning you and potentially holding labour back. 

You will then receive six weekly postpartum home visits of 3-4 hours as well as phone and WhatsApp/text support for 6 weeks.  Please see details above about what the home visits can involve. 

We can look at the benefits of belly binding, because belly wrapping after childbirth can feel so good!  I can provide you with the wrap and guide you how to do it.  We can also cover some lovely self-massage techniques you can do for yourself as well as for your baby.

The later visits can include learning about baby reflexology and the techniques you can use on your baby.  This can be offered to your older children too which can help them in their journey of becoming older siblings.  With the loving touch it offers, reflexology provides wonderful opportunities for bonding for all the family. Learn more about Baby Reflex.

You will also receive a voucher for a Mummy Chillout to share with a friend when you are ready, fully ready, to venture out and about.

Every Step Package



With you every step of the way this is the ultimate care package which includes our 45-minute prenatal consultation then twelve visits arranged twice a week for 6 weeks.  I will also be at the other end of the phone to offer you support and reassurance for 6 weeks.  As is included in the First Step package priming for labour sessions, belly binding, self-massage and baby massage are all available for you, as well as the baby reflexology workshops.  You can then enjoy a mummy chillout with a friend in my beautiful city centre space.  

I will be with you to offer guidance and build your confidence, helping you through the tough moments as well as celebrating the amazing moments, in this awesome and challenging journey. 

My wonderful colleagues offer a range of services which can be added into the packages including hypnobirthing, herbal remedies and closing of the bones.

Find out what kind of support would make the biggest difference to you


Feel Good Latest


Whether you’re an employee needing a break or an employer looking to increase your staff wellbeing, I have now launched #Take20for20. Maybe you want to step out of the office to enjoy a nourishing lunchtime and return to work feeling focused? Or you could head over after work to create some calm after your busy day.  Alternatively, I can visit your office to bring the wellbeing to you as an individual or for a whole group.

Learn more about #Take20for20 treatments or get in touch to book.

“During our sessions postpartum, Sarah has given me the chance to relax, discuss becoming a mother and offered some wonderful guidance. The reflexology treatments have helped soothe the aches and pains that come with being a new mum. She has even brought me tasty treats and allowed me a little bit of time to myself whilst she has watched my baby- very much needed at times! I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.”

Rachael – NORFOLK