Postpartum Packages


I believe planning and preparing for the postpartum is the best investment parents can make in their transition into parenthood.  

Please do get in touch to book a zoom chat.  We can enjoy a cup of tea together and you can find out more about how you can feel good in your postpartum.   

Feel Good Postpartum Packages

With each package my aim is to guide each individual family, so they feel supported, confident, and cared for.

Every option includes a feel-good gift box tailored to the likes and needs of the mother.  The items will be focused on nourishment and keeping mum warm, including the things that she specifically enjoys.

The services I provide are explained below, you can pick and mix from these what feels right for you.  We can determine this together in the initial prenatal consultation, tailoring the package so it truly connects to what makes you feel good.

Prenatal Consultation

We will explore your family vision and how to plan for this.  We will look at ways you can build your village.

We will address any fears and the challenges that concern you.  You will learn about baby brain and how to support it.  You will discover the importance of oxytocin and how to boost it.

We can look at traditional postpartum care practices and how you can implement these.  We will look at ways you can prepare for birthing your baby.

The aim is that the informative learning happens before birth, so all you need to focus on when your baby arrives is feeding and falling in love. 

Priming for Labour

Leading up to the due period of your baby’s arrival we will arrange some priming for labour sessions to get you feeling ready physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Not only does Reflexology help to get you into a space where you feel relaxed and safe to give birth to your baby, but we will also talk about anything that may be concerning you and potentially preventing labour from starting.

Online Support via Zoom

With our laptops and cups of tea we will set your intentions and focus the time on what you really need in each session.

You may want to process your birth story and have it truly heard by a kind,  non-judgmental listening ear.

You may want to share and celebrate your achievements.

You may want to rant or sob about the challenges.

You may want to unpack your concerns and dilemmas.

I will be there to hold the space for whatever you will benefit most from on that day.   

Home Visits

Within the comfort of your own home I will come to offer you a relaxing treatment, bring you a nourishing meal and of course any emotional support needed, as mentioned above.

I can also provide practical help which can include basic baby care whilst you have a shower, bath, or nap or perhaps some simple house chores so the unfolded laundry or washing up is not causing stress. 

I allow 3-4 hours for these visits, so there is plenty of time to work around what you and your baby require.

Support your postpartum body


  • Nutritious meal planning and recipe sharing
  • Oxytocin boosting plan
  • Belly binding
  • Reflexology you can use on you and your baby
  • Self-massage

  • Baby massage
  • Yoga & Pilates with local teachers
  • Physio & Fitness with local practitioners
  • Herbal Remedies from a local herbalist
  • Aromatherapy oils from a local aromatherapist

Support your postpartum mind


Becoming parents brings with it all sorts of challenges that can test the way we think.  

From what you experience during your pregnancy and birthing your baby, to the tiredness, stress and anxiety that accompany looking after your baby, along with perhaps your own parental relationships and the way you were parented arising into the situation, it is important to ensure you know which professionals you can talk to and who can support you at this time.

This can include your midwife, doula, healthcare visitor, or GP, or seeking additional support such as from specialised counsellors, NLP & EFT practitioners, and hypnotherapists.

Access to local support and resources


You will be connected to the vast support available locally and, with all the online opportunities now available, worldwide.  I have an extensive resource library I will share with you as you need.

Email, Phone and Community Support


With 24/7 email, WhatsApp, and phone communication with me in your first 6 weeks postpartum, as well as access to the private ‘Feel Good Postpartum’ Facebook group and a team of specialised practitioners behind you, you will feel truly held.

Virtual Doula Support

In the current climate are you feeling anxious that things are looking different to how you expected?

I want to reassure you that, even in these challenging times, you can still enjoy a positive and peaceful postpartum.    

Online connection has allowed us to discover a new way of supporting and nurturing new mothers and their family.  

You can still feel nourished and cared for.  You can still feel confident and reassured.  You can still gather your village.

You are not alone.

You can enjoy all that is described within the ‘First Steps’ package, we will simply swap the contact time – consultation, home visits and workshops – to zoom calls and demo videos for now.

One Step Package


This is a great gift to buy yourself or for family/friends who are expecting.
It can also be something to give parents of older children a lovely boost.  Even years on we should consider our postpartum care and wellbeing.

First Steps Package



Giving you love and support as you step gently into parenthood, this package includes –

  • 1 x one-hour prenatal consultation 
  • 1 x priming for labour session (we can arrange additional sessions if required)
  • 6 x weekly postpartum home visits 
  • 24/7 email, phone, and WhatsApp/text support for 6 weeks.
  • Belly binding – because belly wrapping after childbirth can feel so good!  
  • Self-Massage Workshop
  • Baby Massage Workshop
  • Learn Reflexology for you and your baby – find out more about Baby Reflex.
  • 1 x voucher for a Mummy Chillout to share with a friend – when you are fully ready to be out and about.

Every Step Package



With you every step of the way this is the ultimate care package which includes all that is mentioned in the ‘First Steps’ package but with double the amount of home visits!  These can be used twice weekly or once a week over 3 months.

I will be with you to offer guidance and build your confidence, helping you through the tough moments as well as celebrating the amazing moments, in this awesome and challenging journey. 


I believe planning and preparing for the postpartum is the best investment parents can make in their transition into parenthood.

Please do get in touch to book a zoom chat.  We can enjoy a cup of tea together and you can find out more about how you 

can feel good in your postpartum.   

“During our sessions postpartum, Sarah has given me the chance to relax, discuss becoming a mother and offered some wonderful guidance. The reflexology treatments have helped soothe the aches and pains that come with being a new mum. She has even brought me tasty treats and allowed me a little bit of time to myself whilst she has watched my baby- very much needed at times! I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.”

Rachael – NORFOLK