Feel Good Gifts

Do you know someone who would benefit from taking a moment to feel good?

Buy them a feel good gift voucher and they can choose how they’d like to spend it.  There are some great options for gifts below.

“I’ve bought you some time to relax and unwind,

A way to release any stress in your mind.

This treat is on me, so enjoy as you should,

You deserve a moment to sit still and feel good.”

Feel good gift box

A gift to offer warmth, relaxation, & nourishment – enjoy some well-deserved feel good moments.

Offer this nurturing gift to someone you love, or even yourself!

My Feel Good Gift Boxes can include:

Energy Balls, Healing Bath Herbs, Magnesium Salts, Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend, Soothing Norfolk Lip Balm, Soft Lightweight Scarf, Cosy Socks, Warming Sesame Massage Oil, Nourishing Ghee, Energising Turmeric Milk Mix, Calming Essential Oil Roller, & Nurturing Dried Meal Kits.

The contents are sourced from local small businesses, the packaging is environmentally friendly, and each box will be tailored specifically to the likes and needs of the individual person receiving the gift.

The cost of the box starts from £15.

Depending on the items that need to be gathered and created your box can be ready within 2-5 working days.

Once created your gift box can be collected, posted, or delivered.


Gift Ideas

  • Relaxing Reflexology

  • Upper Back & Head Massage

  • Priming for Labour Treatment

  • Postpartum Care Home Visit

  • Events and Workshops

  • Mummy Chillout to share with a friend

  • Doula Support

  • 1:1 or Family Reflexology

  • Feel Good Gift Box

Feel Good Latest

Free 45 minute Postpartum Planning Session

I believe planning and preparing for your postpartum is the best investment you can make in your transition into parenthood because, after all, you are having a baby not a birth!

We can meet via Zoom, enjoy a cup of tea together, and you can find out more about how you can feel peaceful, calm and confident during your early weeks postpartum and beyond.  

Let’s begin exploring what this could look like for you.

Book your FREE planning session.

General Benefits of Reflexology

- Induce deep relaxation and reduce stress
- Cleanse the body of impurities
- Revitalise energy
- Improve the circulation of the blood & lymph fluids
- Promote efficient functioning of the bodily systems
- Boost Immunity
- Improve your sleep
- Relieve aches & pains

Learn more about Feel Good Reflexology

“My husband gifted me a reflexology treatment with Sarah last Christmas. How thoughtful! The perfect gift for me – some important and much needed time to just be. Sarah’s treatment was blissful . . . and cleared my blocked nose! One very happy lady 🙂 .”

Louise – NORFOLK