Feel Good Babies

I teach parents how to use simple Reflexology techniques on their little ones.  It is a convenient, fuss free and soothing tool to have, literally at your fingertips. With only needing your child’s feet or hands it can be done anywhere.  Just a few minutes a day can achieve calmness and promote some great health benefits.

This is something you can use throughout their young lives to offer physical and emotional support.  It can help young babies with digestive issues, toddlers to settle to sleep, older children when they are in need of some calm connection and teenagers to ease anxieties before exams.  The heel for example is the reflex for the pelvic area and so cupping our hands and gently holding their feet offers some wonderful grounding and a sense of calm.

I can include this in the postpartum home visits, or you can come along with your baby to my lovely space in the Norwich Lanes.

We can tailor one session to create a mini treatment for the areas you’d like to focus on, or we can do the three workshops which cover –

  • Feeding & Digestion
  • Sleeping & Calming
  • Wellbeing (including immune boosters and teething soothers)

You can share the session(s) with a friend at my space or a group if hosted at your home (you would receive a discount for hosting).


One off tailored 90 minute session – £45 (can be shared with a friend) 

Group sessions (depending on size of the group) start at £12.50 per 60 minute session for the 3 workshops (£37.50 total)

or a one off tailored 90 minute group session
starting at £20 each.

How it may help…


  • Encourage and develop your bond

  • Boost their immunity

  • Ease digestive discomforts

  • Improve sleep

  • Sooth teething

  • Create calm

  • Support their development

  • Be enjoyable and bring fun

Feel Good Latest


Whether you’re an employee needing a break or an employer looking to increase your staff wellbeing, I have now launched #Take20for20. Maybe you want to step out of the office to enjoy a nourishing lunchtime and return to work feeling focused? Or you could head over after work to create some calm after your busy day.  Alternatively, I can visit your office to bring the wellbeing to you as an individual or for a whole group.

Learn more about #Take20for20 treatments or get in touch to book.

“My baby found Reflexology instantly relaxing and still enjoys it at 21 months. It’s very easy to incorporate into the bedtime routine and to use out and about. I would recommend to any Mum.” 

rebecca – NORFOLK