Feel Good Babies

As a Reflexologist, I love teaching parents how to use simple Reflexology techniques on their little ones.  Through Reflexology you can support your children’s health and wellbeing naturally, you can nourish your connection and bond, you can nurture their growth and development.

Baby Reflex was developed by Reflexologist, Physiotherapist, and Teacher, Jenny Lind.  Her research and studies showed that by applying regular Reflexology we can improve sleep, relieve discomforts, reduce symptoms of conditions, such as asthma, encourage a better bond, and older children tend to be nicer to their parents – for that reason alone it is worth it!!

Baby & Toddler Reflex are specially adapted to suit the needs and size of your child.  We focus on common issues such as the discomforts of reflux, constipation, colic, and teething. We look at techniques that can boost their immunity, relieve cold symptoms, and engage their nervous system to ease them into a good night sleep. 

It is a convenient, fuss free and soothing tool to have, literally at your fingertips. With only needing your child’s feet or hands it can be done anywhere.  It is engaging, easy to do, and enjoyable.  Just a few minutes a day can achieve calmness and promote some great health benefits.

Join my group workshops at The Willow Centre in Cringleford, Norwich. Baby Reflex 3 week course will be themed each week as follows:

  • Feeding & Digestion
  • Sleeping & Calming
  • Wellbeing

Alternatively, contact me to arrange a 1:1 or your own group workshops to be held at my city centre treatment room or your home.

We can do the 3 sessions, as above, or we can tailor one session to create a treatment for the areas you’d specifically like to focus on. 

If you would prefer to not venture out, or you are not local to Norfolk, we can arrange online sessions so you can learn from the comfort and ease of home.

Baby Reflex Course for parents 

Next 3 week course at The Willow Centre, Cringleford, Norwich starts 5th May

Suitable from 4 weeks to crawling.

These workshops are held in a safe space and offer both mums and dads the opportunity to learn simple reflexology techniques to support their little one’s wellbeing.

How it may help…


  • Build connection

  • Nourish your bond

  • Boost their immunity

  • Ease digestive discomforts

  • Improve sleep

  • Soothe teething

  • Create calm

  • Support their development & growth

  • PLUS, it is enjoyable and fun

Feel Good Latest

Feel Good Gifts

You can purchase gift vouchers or gift boxes for your loved ones which I will send in the post or deliver myself to their door.  There is no expiry date on the voucher, so they can cash this in for a relaxing treatment once my therapy room is open again. The gift boxes include local products promoting all things feel good tailored to them. Alternatively, they can explore the online options available now.

Learn more about Feel Good Gifts

Feel Good Online

Within the current Covid-19 climate I have created online opportunities.  Find out more about my Baby Reflex for Parents Workshops, Virtual Postnatal Care & Support Package, Feel Good at Work Sessions and FREE Postpartum Education Workshops. 

Learn more about Feel Good Online Sessions


“My baby found Reflexology instantly relaxing and still enjoys it at 21 months. It’s very easy to incorporate into the bedtime routine and to use out and about. I would recommend to any Mum.” 

rebecca – NORFOLK