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Reflexology is one of the oldest natural therapies. There is evidence that forms of pressure work on the hands and feet have been used throughout history by many ancient cultures to promote healing and relieve pain.

Fertility Reflexology

There are many reasons why conception may prove difficult to achieve. Through Reflexology we can address both the physical and emotional issues that may be causing a problem and treat them accordingly.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology during pregnancy is wonderful. It can help you feel more comfortable, connect with your baby and prepare for labour.

Feel Good Postpartum

We plan so much for the massive event of the birth of our babies, but what then?  What’s the plan for when your little one arrives?  Who is going to be your village and support you whilst you focus on the full-time job of feeding and falling in love with your baby?

Feel Good Babies

I teach parents how to use simple Reflexology techniques on their little ones.  It is a convenient, fuss free and soothing tool to have, literally at your fingertips. With only needing your child’s feet or hands it can be done anywhere.  Just a few minutes a day can achieve calmness and promote some great health benefits.

Upper Back & Head Massage

Upper Back, Shoudler, Neck & Scalp Massage, commonly known as an Indian Head Massage (Champissage) has been practised for thousands of years, originally used widely in Asia to combat daily tension and stress. The massage was primarily restricted to the head but has been developed to include the neck, shoulders, upper arms, upper back and face.

Feel Good Gifts

Do you know someone who could benefit from taking a moment to feel goodYou can buy a one-off treatment or a ‘pick and mix’ Feel Good Therapy bundle. Read more for some feel good gift options to choose from.

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Free 45 minute Postpartum Planning Session

I believe planning and preparing for your postpartum is the best investment you can make in your transition into parenthood because, after all, you are having a baby not a birth!

We can meet via Zoom, enjoy a cup of tea together, and you can find out more about how you can feel peaceful, calm and confident during your early weeks postpartum and beyond.  

Let’s begin exploring what this could look like for you.

Book your FREE planning session.

General Benefits of Reflexology

- Induce deep relaxation and reduce stress
- Cleanse the body of impurities
- Revitalise energy
- Improve the circulation of the blood & lymph fluids
- Promote efficient functioning of the bodily systems
- Boost Immunity
- Improve your sleep
- Relieve aches & pains

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