Having Sarah as our postpartum doula held our family together. It sounds extreme, but it honestly feels true.

From the prenatal planning sessions to the at home reflexology treatments and everything in between, it was like having a personal angel. 

The prenatal sessions gave us a chance to come together to focus on what was salient to us and, importantly, how we could take steps to make it happen. They were informative, practical, and supportive. A mixture of Sarah’s knowledge and our input (including homework!) 

For me, the knowledge that Sarah was coming on set days and at set times was super helpful. A guaranteed support – not a relative or friend coming “to see the baby” but someone coming to actively help.

And she went above and beyond.

Each time arriving with a delicious meal, some nourishing herbs for the bath and the offer of a treatment were one thing and then on top of that, Sarah did whatever was needed in the moment. She walked the baby, changed nappies, helped with food prep, took laundry away to do, stayed and talked (listened) as long as I needed, she even sent emails to people to help me with wedding preparations AND sorted getting the invitations printed.

As well as all of this, Sarah really took the time and thought to support our older child and make him special during this time of sharp transition. This was golden. I hadn’t anticipated the huge emotional journey that bringing him a sibling would bring me. He adores his brother and I’m sure that’s partly down to how those early days were navigated for him by people like Sarah who could give him what HE needed. 

She reminded me, as often as I needed to hear it, that the journey of bringing life into the world is a big one and she gave me permission to honour and care for myself in a way that our culture doesn’t promote. By helping me to prioritise in this way, she enabled our family to unfold slowly into our new dimensions and to carry ourselves carefully forward and to lay strong foundations for our new family. 

 A word about the meal train. It’s everything. It was interesting how awkward it felt to ask it of people; we’re so not used to it being ok to ask for what we need are we? But it was absolutely perfect. We saw some friends without having to arrange to and we got to eat some properly nutritious and delicious meals, without having to ask for them in the height of needing them. I can’t celebrate this aspect enough; it really was a biggie for me.

By 6 weeks postpartum I felt, honestly, that I wanted more Sarah! But I also felt resourced and buffered and well enough practised at looking after myself to carry on working with that. And, even better, I get to speak to her once a month still because her support lasts a whole year! 

Would I recommend Sarah as a postpartum doula? I’ll end as I began: everyone should have a Sarah.

Jess – June 2021


I believe planning and preparing for the postpartum is the best investment parents can make in their transition into parenthood.  

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