Feel Good Events & Workshops

3 Week Baby Reflex Course for Parents 

Join me for the next Baby Reflex 3 Week Course – NEXT COURSE STARTING WEDNESDAY JULY 6th  – copperdot studio in Trowse.
Suitable from 4 weeks.

These workshops are held in a safe space and offer both mums and dads the opportunity to learn simple reflexology techniques to support their little one’s wellbeing.

Baby Reflex Course Norwich

Be Nurtured & Feel Good Mamas Nourishing Mornings

for both pregnant and postnatal mums

Claire of Nurtured Mamas & Bubs and I are excited to announce our collaborative event. A morning focused on nourishing, nurturing, supporting, and caring for mothers.

With our combined knowledge of traditional postpartum care, reflexology, and massage, we are offering one morning a month, set in the beautifully calming, grounding, homely space of The Yoga Tree, where pregnant mums and mums with babies, newborn to walking, can connect with other mothers, whilst enjoying delicious, yet nutritious, homemade food and drinks.

Mummy Chillout

My therapy room, set back from the Norwich Lanes in the city centre, offers a lovely space to take a breath and feed your baby.

What’s included –

Come by yourself or with a friend.

It is a great way to increase your oxytocin, your ‘feel good’ hormone essential to your postpartum wellbeing, whilst out and about with your baby.

Mummy and Baby Special

Mummy and Baby Special

This is a nurturing package for both you and your baby.  It includes three 90 minute sessions where you can come along to my therapy room in the city centre to learn simple reflexology techniques to support your little one’s wellbeing and then enjoy a 45 minute relaxing treatment yourself!

We will work around your baby’s needs to make the experience as nourishing and calming for you both as possible.

What’s included –

  • 3 x 90 minute weekly sessions – 45 minutes for baby & 45 minutes for you
  • Cup of tea and nourishing snack
  • Full baby reflex course notes and video demos.
  • Colour charts to guide you with the baby reflex techniques.

How to Feel Good Postpartum FREE Workshop

For parents-to-be from 3 to 6 months (after this stage are very welcome too!)

Copperdot Studio, Trowse – March/April/May

For too many women motherhood can feel lonely, exhausting and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way! How are you feeling about your journey into Motherhood?

My FREE workshops are a lovely opportunity for parents-to-be to come along together to learn how best to plan and prepare for their peaceful, joyful and confident postpartum.

Virtual Postnatal Care and Support Package 

Have you given much thought to beyond the birth of your baby?

In the current climate are you feeling anxious that things are looking different to how you expected?  I want to reassure you that, even in these challenging times, you can still enjoy a positive and peaceful postpartum.  Online connection has allowed us to discover a new way of supporting and nurturing new mothers and their family.  

You can still feel nourished and cared for.  You can still feel confident and reassured.  You can still gather your village.

You are not alone.

Virtual Reflexology Workshop

Join me via the magic of zoom, from wherever you are, to learn simple Reflexology techniques.  You could be cosy on your sofa at home, or sitting at your desk at work.

Virtual Feel Good At Work Session

The way we work has changed, and for most of us, not for the better. We are spending less time having face-to-face interactions with colleagues and friends, and more time at our computers. More time alone, and less time in our communities.

Going into 2021 with many businesses still working from home your team’s morale is no doubt lower than it usually would be.  Therefore, I have created a ‘Feel Good at Work’ presentation that I would love to offer to you and your team.

Feel Good Latest

Feel Good Gifts

You can purchase gift vouchers or gift boxes for your loved ones which I will send in the post or deliver myself to their door.  There is no expiry date on the voucher, so they can cash this in for a relaxing treatment whenever they feel the time is right. The gift boxes include local products promoting all things feel good tailored to them. Alternatively, they can explore the online options available now.

Learn more about Feel Good Gifts

Feel Good & Fresh

Lunchtime Offer from £13

Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal or juice from the popular market stall Fresh. Combined with some rejuvenating Feel Good Therapy Time, which can include Reflexology or an Upper Back & Head Massage. Give your afternoon the boost it deserves. 

All you have to do is pick up a postcard from either myself or Fresh. Read more about how to collect your Postcard.

Sarah’s commitment and thoughtfulness shone through and made us feel warmly supported, reassured, and cared for during a particularly challenging time.  The virtual nature of the process did not diminish it at all as she adapted to include massage and reflexology demonstrations, and provided so much additional support via email, WhatsApp and video.”

miChelle & david – virtual postpartum support