In our ‘Christmas Special’ session we will be joined by two brilliant guests whose focus is to revive your confidence and boost your sense of self care.

Laura Robinson is a Personal Stylist, as well as a mum, so she has experienced the challenges of how motherhood impacts our wardrobe & self-esteem.  When we become mothers our identity shifts, we can lose confidence and inspiration as to what style suits us both practically and emotionally.    

Laura is motivated at making it easy and accessible for everyone to discover and develop their style. The pleasure in wearing great clothes that fit and flatter is limitless to our self-esteem. Discovering pieces that compliment your colouring and body shape will transform how you feel about yourself and create a wearable wardrobe full of outfits and pieces you love.

Her styling practice has grown out of building her clients’ confidence in what they wear and how they wear it. It’s not about sticking to the latest trend or a designer brand, it’s about purposely curating wardrobes for real lifestyles and for real people.

Laura will be there to chat, listen, reassure, and guide you in how you can feel boosted in your postpartum journey through simple and functional fashion!

Sarah Godwin is a beauty therapist and lifestyle consultant for Temple Spa, as well as a mum of 2!  She is really looking forward to being able to deliver some beautiful bespoke treatments designed especially for you new mummies.

She will be offering 2 treatments on the day  –

Reviving eyes

Due to hormonal changes, as well as lack of sleep after childbirth, dark circles and puffy eyes are extremely common postpartum.  Your eyes express the tiredness that your body experiences post-delivery, when sleep seems a luxury Sarah can help!

During this express treatment she will cool and soothe tired eyes, then apply a massage technique designed to reduce swelling, drain excess fluids, and alleviate puffiness, whilst nourishing your delicate eye area. Your eyes will appear brighter, so you can be ready to face the day looking like you have had a good night’s sleep!


Feed and Nourish

Postpartum skin needs extra care. Due to the dramatic decline in oestrogen and progesterone after giving birth this can contribute to dry skin.  If you are breast feeding your body uses a lot of water which can also be a contributing factor.

With this express feed and nourish facial, Sarah begins by using a beautiful cream-based cleanser to cleanse and nourish your skin, and then a rejuvenating facial massage will help your skin look brighter and revitalised.

Finally, a protective moisturiser is applied to help protect your skin against the winter chill.  Your skin will certainly thank you for it, you will be good to ‘glow’!!