The whole world has suddenly shifted.  We have experienced the grief that comes with the loss of something.  The loss in this case being able to live our normal daily lives.  

We have needed to isolate.  We are unable to see our friends and family, other than through a screen.  Some of us are holding the frontline, some of us are working from home, some of us are trying to understand how our own businesses will survive until we can work again.  Some of us are managing the constant needs of our children and some of us are needing to care for our elderly.  

Our experiences are all slightly different, however, in the moments when I transition from feeling ok to a state of mental meltdown, I remind myself – 

All of us are in this together.  All of us are having to move to a different rhythm.  All of us are finding a new kind of normal.  

So, this is what I have learnt in the last few days –

Deep breaths are essential.

Keeping things simple is necessary.

I am not a teacher!

I do not have to be a teacher – my children will learn through play.

Subscribing to the Disney Channel was the best thing we did yesterday.

Raving with the Junior Jungle guys on Facebook live was the best thing we have done today.

A routine does help.

Keeping my body moving and stretching is vital.

Taking some time to sit in the sun feels lovely.

Talking and laughing with friends and family via facetime offers a real boost.

Asking for and receiving help from my neighbours, leaning into the support, that has warmed my heart.

Gradually tidying the garden and planting seeds has felt nourishing.

Not expecting too much from each day, keeping it easy, is important.

We have enough local resources to provide what we need, so not to worry about the online supermarket queues.

Dancing to this song makes me feel happy – – enjoy!

We are adaptable creatures.  We will find our way. Until then, breathe, love, laugh, cry when you need to, and dance in the sun.