Baby Reflex for Parents – 3 week course at copperdot studio in Trowse.


Join my group workshops in a safe and friendly space to learn simple Reflexology techniques to support your little one’s wellbeing.

Suitable from 4 weeks.

  • Build connection
  • Nourish your bond
  • Boost their immunity
  • Ease digestive discomforts
  • Improve sleep
  • Soothe teething
  • Create calm
  • Support their development & growth
  • PLUS, it is enjoyable & fun! 

As a Reflexologist, I love teaching parents how to use simple Reflexology techniques on their little ones.  Through Reflexology you can support your children’s health and wellbeing naturally, you can nourish your connection and bond, you can nurture their growth and development.

Baby Reflex was developed by Reflexologist, Physiotherapist, and Teacher, Jenny Lee.  Her research and pilot studies showed that by applying regular Reflexology we can improve sleep, relieve discomforts, reduce symptoms of conditions, such as asthma, encourage a better bond, and older children tend to be nicer to their parents – for that reason alone it is worth it!!

Baby & Toddler Reflex are specially adapted to suit the needs and size of your child.  We focus on common issues such as the discomforts of reflux, constipation, colic, and teething. We look at techniques that can boost their immunity, relieve cold symptoms, and engage their nervous system to ease them into a good night sleep. 

It is a convenient, fuss free and soothing tool to have, literally at your fingertips. With only needing your child’s feet or hands it can be done anywhere.  It is engaging, easy to do, and enjoyable.  Just a few minutes a day can achieve calmness and promote some great health benefits.





6th, 13th, and 20th

TIME: 11am – 12pm 

– £55

DURATION: 3 x 1hr sessions

LOCATION: Copperdot Studio, Old Church Hall, The Street Trowse
NR14 8SX

Baby reflex course Norwich

Your course price includes:


  • 3 x 1hr weekly sessions.

  • Full course notes and video demos.

  • Colour charts to guide you with the techniques.

  • A £5 voucher towards a relaxing treatment for yourself!

Baby Reflexologist Norwich Norfolk

If you would prefer to not venture out, or you are not local to Norfolk, I offer an online session so you can learn Baby Reflex from the comfort and ease of home.

attended baby reflexology with Sarah and absolutely loved it! It was a fascinating course with so much useful information all delivered in such a friendly, relaxing manner. I have found myself using lots of the taught techniques on my baby with great effect. I would thoroughly recommend this course!

Naomi - December 2021

We had a great time on the reflexology course. My son had some reflux/ digestive issues which was really stressful. I started doing some simple treatments I’d learnt on the course after his bath. I loved being able to do something to help. It really made a difference and we had one happy baby!

Katie - March 2021

I found the baby reflexology incredibly informative and enjoyable. My little boy loves the treatments, which relax him before bed and help to soothe him if struggling with reflux. It’s a really lovely way to bond with your baby and an opportunity to meet other mums.

Lucy - March 2021

I am so pleased I signed up for the three baby reflex sessions with you. It’s given me an opportunity to develop a lovely connection with my baby and helped me to feel as if I am doing something positive in contributing to her overall comfort and wellbeing.

Ben, November 2020

My favourite reflexology treatment was the treatment to help with sleep – this is the biggest issue in our house! We have incorporated a treatment into our bedtime routine, and it seems to be having an impact. It was also good to know that reflexology can be used in such short bursts, which means it can really be used anywhere!
Rachael - November 2020

I have been hijacked by my two older boys, every night this week asking ‘can we have our feet done mummy!’  So that’s really, really nice.  Triple benefits for our family.

Bryony - November 2020