Maternity Reflexology

Since becoming a mum to my two beautiful children I have been particularly interested in treating mummies and babies.  With further training I now specialize in Maternity Reflexology, which I find to be wonderful work.  Whether it’s working with fertility, pregnancy care, priming for labour or treating the new family, it’s all simply magical.

My experience of Maternity Reflexology during pregnancy was that through regular treatments my hip and pelvic pain was eased, I could sleep easier and anxieties regarding labour were lessened.  I had a treatment in both pregnancies that encouraged labour to start the same day.

Research has shown that regular Reflexology during pregnancy not only helps women to feel more comfortable so they can enjoy their pregnancies more, but they also experience shorter birthing with less intervention.  It can also help us cope with the pain much better.*  I have received great feedback from my clients regarding this; please see my testimonials.

Maternity Reflexology can also be very effective in preparing you for labour.  If you are ‘overdue’, alongside focusing on a really relaxing treatment, we can use some lovely techniques to help prime you for labour and encourage the body to do what it needs to do to get started.

Post-natal treatments are wonderfully supportive following labour to assist in grounding and helping the body to regain balance.  I offer post-natal sessions at your own home where I can treat you, any other members of the family and show you some great techniques to use on your baby.

You can then go on to learn more techniques taught in my Baby Reflex sessions either one to one or to small groups.


Cost of home visits start from £45, depending on location.

Bundles of minutes are an option should you like a course of treatments.

*The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy. Dr Gowrie Motha Reflections Dec 1994