Feel Good at Work

A healthy, productive & happy work place – sound good?

Having worked within stressful office environments I understand and appreciate how tension can build up and how this can affect our work and others around us.  I am therefore introducing my treatments into Norfolk offices to improve the health and well-being of the employees which in turn gives a real boost to the work environment as a whole.

The two therapies I offer, which are both suitable for the work place, are Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.  These are both fantastic at:

  • releasing tension
  • relieving stress
  • improving concentration
  • increasing energy levels and boosting immunity.

Your company can then thrive with healthier, happier and more productive workers.  We can arrange for me to visit your office weekly, fortnightly or monthly to maintain your staff well-being.   Alternatively, you may want to just arrange a one off well-being booster.

I offer a brief talk to explain what I do and discuss general wellbeing at work, along with 10 minute free demos so your staff can experience a taster treatment.

Get in touch now so we can get you and your staff feeling good.