We did the Baby Reflexology course when my little girl was 8 months old, it was easy to follow and put into practice. I used the teething and aiding sleep reflexology the most and found they really helped my little girl. She found Reflexology instantly relaxing and still enjoys it at 21 months. It's very easy to incorporate into the bedtime routine and use out and about. I would recommend to any mum.

Rebecca, March 2015

I just wanted to let you know that the reflexology worked wonders. I went home after our session and went to bed and ended up going into labour at 3am that morning so 6 hours after the reflexology. It was a brilliant time to go into labour too as I felt so happy and relaxed from the reflexology I think it put me in a good place for the start of birth. I also had the birth I wanted and gave birth to a little boy, Alfie, at the MLBU after a 28 hour drug free labour.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the session and I will definitely be back for some more reflexology in the future.

Lucy, December 2014

My daughter in law recommended that I visit Sarah for some Reflexology as I had a couple of minor health issues for the past 2 years, which I had assumed were age related.  After 3 half hour sessions I noticed a definite improvement.  After approximately 5 my pain had gone!  Sarah is lovely, calm and reassuring, I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Catherine, May 2014

I had reflexology treatments with Sarah from conception to the end of my pregnancy. I fell pregnant within a month of having treatments and felt the benefit of them immediately, they helped me relax and feel in tune with my body.

I have quite an intense and sometimes stressful job and having suffered with Post Natal Depression after having my first child I feel that the early reflexology I had helped me to effectively cope with coming off medication and deal with anxiety naturally.

As my pregnancy progressed the treatments continued to benefit my wellbeing and overcome stress. As my due date drew closer I felt prepared both physically and mentally for labour, and I would feel very relaxed for days after a treatment.

Despite being induced at 2 weeks overdue my labour was quick and a positive experience. I was able to naturally cope with the pain and concentrate on what my body and baby needed me to do. I put this down to the reflexology treatments and the confidence they'd given me in my ability to relax and cope.

I honestly don’t think I would have been so mentally and physically ready for labour without your wonderful treatments – so a huge thank you!!

Emily, October 2013

At the beginning of my pregnancy I was getting headaches everyday. My midwife recommended reflexology. On a website, 3 women mentioned how great Sarah was so I got in contact with her. I had 5 sessions and I am so glad I did it. I haven't had any headaches since and I am now 30 weeks pregnant. On top of that, it also helped me to relax, to feel less anxious and after the session I always had an amazing night sleep. I will definitely go back to see Sarah for more sessions nearer my due date.

Melissa, September 2013

During my recent pregnancy I received a course of reflexology from Sarah Groves. It was the first time I had tried reflexology and I started the treatments without any specific expectations.

The treatments soon came to be the highlight of my week and visiting Sarah a pleasure. Not only could I dedicate an hour to total relaxation and calm, but I also found the treatment time allowed me to clear my head of any stresses. Sarah was completely professional but incredibly approachable and clearly showed a passion for her art. Her knowledge and connection with reflexology was apparent and I felt very comfortable to ask questions.

On a physical level I found reflexology helped me when I was experiencing headaches, blocked sinuses, dizziness and I always felt more balanced following the treatment. Sarah took time to explore how I had been feeling and made sure to focus on relevant areas of my feet.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone, but especially during pregnancy. Even though I had a few problems in my pregnancy I could always rely on my treatments to centre myself and calm my anxieties.
Thank you Sarah!

Laura, July 2013

I saw Sarah during my 3rd pregnancy for sinus congestion. I always slept really deeply after the sessions and my sinuses opened up and I could breath. Sarah is a very caring, calming and reassuring practitioner and I have recommended her to many people. She created a very relaxing and safe atmosphere. I always looked forward to my treatments. She is brilliant. Big thanks to Sarah.

Lisa, February 2013