If we think of our body as an instrument we understand that in order to create beautiful music we need to keep ourselves in tune.

You do not have to be unwell or have a ‘health issue’ to seek a treatment. My approach and therapies are holistic, treating the body as a whole to help keep you balanced and healthy physically, mentally & emotionally. The relaxation alone that the treatments can bring are worth every moment.

Check out the individual therapy pages to find out more about how my ‘Feel Good’ treatments could help you.

Feel Good Time vs Money:

My aim is to give you the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved feel good therapy time by making it as affordable and flexible as possible. You can buy FGT minutes which you can then use as and when suits you. Whether you want a quick fix 20 minutes or an indulging 90 minutes, we can work around your schedule to ensure you have time to feel good.

Prices are dependent on location so please get in touch to find out more.

Gift Vouchers are also available.